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5 garden features designed to make your garden sing

Your garden is one of the best places to recharge your batteries and reconnect with the outside world.

The scent of freshly bloomed flowers and the visual beauty of a luscious grass lawn or block paving patio installation, all working harmoniously to stimulate your senses and give you a moment to relax.

However, you can take your surroundings to another level by introducing the element of sound into the mix. Whether the wind is blowing or the sun is shining, create a beautiful symphony of noise as you take a moment in your stunning garden.

Here are five garden features to add a little zen music to the ambient tranquillity.

Wind harp (Aeolian harp)

The Aeolian harp, more commonly known as a wind harp, is a musical instrument that’s played by the wind. It’s named for Aeolus, the ancient Greek god of the wind and is made up of a sound box and long strings.

The wind harp can have one or more strings, which, depending on their tension, will produce different sounds ranging from vibration to treble. For a natural look, choose a handmade wind harp and install it around your ALVEOSTAR® garden path installation. Then, sit back and relax as the wind enchants you with its sweet harmonies.

Japanese bells or chimes

If it’s garden zen you want, then turn to Japanese bells or chimes. These beautiful garden features, otherwise known as furins, generate pure sounds that bring relaxation to your outdoor living area.

Simply have them on the edge of your block paving terrace on studs or above your front/back door and the slightest breath of wind will create a crystal clear sound. 

Japanese bells or chimes are typically made from ceramic and can be finely chiselled or take the form of various animals or objects. It’s just a matter of finding a design that suits the aesthetics of your garden best.

Bell trellis

Serenade your vegetable patch with a bell trellis. Place it in the soil and let this decorative object sing a sweet melody to your baby carrots or potatoes.

Ideal for holding the stem of a fragile plant, it can be placed at the edge of paths with COUTURE PATH® paving stones finishes or to support climbing plants. You can also get bird feeder versions to plant on the lawn and attract wildlife.


Bring the seaside to your garden with these colourful little windmills. These garden features can be installed in the planters on the balcony covered with block paving or DM GREEN® or even hung on a pergola.

Just the slightest draft will make them hum and twirl, adding a colour sight to your garden.

Garden fountains

We have talked a lot about making your outdoor space sing with wind-based garden features, but let's not forget water. There’s nothing more relaxing than hearing the soft sound of a fountain flowing as you take a moment to reflect.

Place a garden fountain next to a flower bed, at the heart of your DM GREEN® artificial grass or on a patio with BOIBE® tiles. You could also buy a garden fountain that enhances the finish of a wood imitation terrace.

Need more inspiration on how to create sweet music in your garden? Then get in touch with your nearest Daniel Moquet today.

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