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Why choose us

At Daniel Moquet, we're committed to keeping you 100% satisfied. Whether you need help transforming a big project like a driveway or simply need a hand adding some style to your garden path, you'll always receive the same quality service.

One of the key reasons why we're able to consistently provide premium results comes down to the philosophy of our business. Having started as a family venture, we've used this close-knit, connected approach to successfully expand into other territories. So, you're not just getting one independent landscaping contractor or driveway specialist with Daniel Moquet, you're getting a whole network of us working cohesively to make your project a success.

The benefits of having a network of hard landscaping contractors, driveway specialists and entrepreneurs working together, include:

  • Every entrepreneur and employee of Daniel Moquet has their own unique bank of experience, which everyone can draw upon to help your project.
  • Having a presence across Europe means we're able to keep the purchase costs of raw materials to a minimum.
  • The network prioritises research and innovation to produce the best products for the surface of your project. This knowledge and product creation can be shared across the board.

You'll also get the following benefits:

Over 40 years of experience working collectively

Our story started back in 1977 and has since expanded across Europe, bringing some of the best hard landscaping contractors, driveway specialists and entrepreneurs together. When you choose us, you're getting a whole network of professionals who are on hand to share their knowledge with each other to ensure you get the best service. It's one of the reasons why we've been able to successfully design and install more than 35,000 paths, driveways, patios with ease.

A 'Quality Service Guarantee'

Using the "Landscaping Business" standards, every Daniel Moquet company can offer you a 'Quality Service Guarantee' when manufacturing and installing your new surfacing.

This includes:

  • being transparent with information;
  • providing a clear, detailed and reliable quotation;
  • meeting agreed deadlines;
  • offering advice on the choice of materials;
  • delivering excellent project management;
  • ensuring all sites are kept/left clean and organised;
  • making sure all staff are trained and highly skilled;
  • having contacts available that listen to you.

Premium industry-leading products

Every hard landscaping contractor who works for Daniel Moquet will lay the surfacing solutions that they sell themselves. However, they'll also be able to use a variety of exclusive porous, asphalt, gravel and tarmac alternatives like HEXASTAR®, STARDRAINE®, DM GREEN®, MINERALSTAR® and GRAVISTAR®.

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