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Well-lit summer evenings

How do you create unique night-time atmospheres for your outdoor spaces? When spring and summer treat us with nice evenings, you want to make the most of it and continue enjoying the day even after sunset.
Wall lamps, spotlights, decorative bollards, flood lights, suspended lights, candles, fairy lights... which ones to choose to create which ambiances and suit which external areas?
Here are some tips.

Laying spatial landmarks: functional lighting

It is preferable to start with general lighting before favouring any specific spaces. This general lighting must meet your everyday needs: illuminate your paths and driveways with decorative bollards, indicate thresholds with suspended lights, highlight steps and possible obstacles (hot tub, patio edges) using spotlights. Do not hesitate to turn access areas into luminous paths (lit steps for example). According to your preferences, you can play with direct and indirect lighting so that these ‘functional’ areas take on a warmer aspect. On your brick or stone walls, spotlights will have a very decorative effect.
Up-and-down outdoor wall lights will bring dynamism to the exterior of the house; they illuminate the upper part of the wall and finish the lower part with a diffuse halo towards the ground to creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Make the most of the space: general lighting

A lamppost set in the middle of an islet of greenery at the edge of a path will complete your functional installation by bringing a first touch of ambiance.
The main patio is also important: if it is close to the house, you can bring a touch of light by a device installed along or inside the walls. For this, LEDs are optimal: you can adapt their lighting intensity to your needs. Choose the so-called ‘warm’ LEDs to provide a friendlier atmosphere.

Set the tone and ambience: extra lighting

Suspended fairy lights will bring you a festive and warm feel, ideal for moments shared with family and friends.
For more private moments, use candlesticks in the middle of the table. Try mixing different heights and different styles for a cosy feel.
Luminous furniture is also in vogue in 2017: these small-scale and soft light halos frame the surrounding spaces and highlight plant beds and hedges. Use them to give a contemporary look to your exteriors.

The combination of these three lighting techniques will let you play with various luminous intensities. These variations will bring well-deserved charm to your garden and patios and let you to enjoy being outside all summer and ever after...

Daniel moquetis