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When the plants give a new visual to your terrace:

A personalised terrace is another room of your house which mix with its style and its architecture. It’s the same for the decoration, we keep the same tone and we arrange it according to the use we wish to make of this place (slabing, paving, boibé). Although the furniture, lights and other carpets are essential elements for its comfort, it is important to add plants to give life to this corner of relaxation and conviviality ...

Taking the climate into account!

The criteria that you must take into account when you wish to install outdoor plants are first: the climate and then the exposure of your Hexastar® terrace. More regularly, the exhibition takes precedence. Usually, if your terrace is protected of the wind and exposed south, you will choose exotics plants which prefer Mediterranean climate. Generally, within an oceanic climate choose plant capable of resisting the sea air such as grasses, rhododendrons or camellias, gorse or ceanothus, these plants that we see a lot in Brittany for example!
In our meadows, choose resistant plants such as deutzia, cotoneaster, butterfly trees, spirals, purple lilacs, conifers...

Plants and pots!

To decorate a lovely resin terrace, the choice of bins and other flower pots is crucial. Again, that is a question of STYLE! For a natural visual, prefer wood or wicker which is very trendy at the moment. Why not use a pretty deep basket in which we will come to accommodate an earthen pot containing a beautiful shrub: bamboo or palm tree according to the desired atmosphere. In the same spirit, recycling wooden crates is a good idea; to brighten up this container, don't hesitate to decorate it with pastel-coloured flowering plants.

Falling plants with flowers ... star of terraces and balconies!

The pots suspended from a beam, or a nice hook are another way to give life to your terrace space. The flowers that can be planted are generally colourful, and allow decorative compositions. Many flowering hanging plants are available: pelargonium, geranium, bellflowers, or even calibrachoas of various colours, petunias, impatiens, and fuchsias. You can also find some orchids easy to adapt in hanging pots. For the more sober, more contemporary decorations, which only support green, ivy is a good choice. It is easy to maintain and adapts to the sun as well as the shade.

Daniel moquetis