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The echo of the site with Robbie Makepeace

Our best ambassador are our customers.

In September Debbie received our leaflet and rang straight away Robbie Makepeace. They set up the first appointment and discuss her project. About one month later you can see the difference on this 150m² driveway installation.

What was the need of our client?

Mrs Edwards wanted a new drive and front porch that would last for many years and at the good price.

What solutions have you proposed?

Robbie drafted the first project. Three different products have been used to create a lovely mix:
- For the driveway, we opted for the Hexastar, in the same shades of grey as the slabs. Ultra-draining, its honeycomb structure allows the installation of gravel on slopes of up to 45% and it can support loads of up to 300 tons per m2.
- For the finishes, the La Couture blocks was an obvious choice. It is ideal for creating borders and patterns, and it brings a luminous and elegant note to exteriors. In this case, it was used to delineate trees at the entrance.
- For the front door we used black limestone slabs. It is very resistant and easy to maintain.
In a few words Mrs Edwards explains why she chose to work with a company from Daniel Moquet network: Only had price from us but liked the design from Robbie and product, Hard working boys and plenty of site visits by Robbie.

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