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The 2020 bilan for Daniel Moquet Driveway designer:

Let’s have an overview of this jazzy 2020 year? 2020 is now finished, it would be a timely opportunity to take stock of the situation!

Activity of the network:

The sanitary crisis encourages houseowner to embellish their housing; inside as well as outside. This trend gives us the opportunity to grow during this tough time. We haven’t noticed any drop in our profit and revenues but rather the opposite. The network has realized a turnover of 170 million euros, an increase of 9%.
In 2020 we followed the realisation of 20 000 projects. We now are a network of 238 branches (driveway) and 37 branches (fencing) with 30 new companies opening soon.

Inside the network:

The stay in touch with all the branch managers and with our customers Daniel Moquet network had to adapt. Innovate to give the opportunity for our clients to visit our online open day and discover products and solutions as they can do at their local showroom.
For our employees, a live show had been streamed in December to more than 2000 people.

Daniel Moquet Bachelor:

2021 is starting with some good news. Daniel Moquet network is launching its own international bachelor “Business Development Manager” in partnership with the French CCI.
The students will be sourced in Germany, Belgium and England for a total of 15 to 20 seats.
The first session seems to be planned for September 2021 but you will hear about it in a little while.

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