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Smart, contemporary driveway and patio designs recently completed in Reading, Berkshire

In 2020, our patio and driveway designers have helped transform several homes in the Reading, Berkshire area.

A visually impressive and easy to maintain driveway

Back in July, we completed a sleek and practical driveway design for Mrs Edwards. The goal of the project was to create a space which is beautiful but easy to maintain, especially during the winter months.

With this in mind, we combined 30m² of sandstone with 120m² of Hexastar® – an advanced porous gravel grid. This winning combination ensures the gravel stays in place and eradicates weed growth for easy upkeep, while helping to retain its flawless finish all-year-round. The porous gravel grid’s honeycomb structure also allows water to pass through the soil, which prevents any unwanted puddles from forming on the driveway. The project took just six days to complete by two workers.

Mrs Edwards said: “The job was started on the given date; all employees were polite and nothing was too much trouble. A great service.”

This patio design was created for a stunning, rustic property on the outskirts of Reading. One of the most appealing aspects of wood material is its bucolic appearance. However, using it for a patio design requires a lot of upkeep and can often get slippery in the winter.

Instead, the imitation wood surfacing solution, Boibé Terrace, has the same aesthetically pleasing qualities of natural wood, but on an anti-slip concrete surface. The basalt grey colour also helps add a subtle contrast to the stone structure of the house exterior.

It’s a fantastic example of creating something practical in design, without compromising the overall finish.

Daniel moquetis