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Ideas of decoration for your outdoors: a bed of spilled flowers!

You want to give a new look to your garden? The creation of a bed of spilled flowers is an original and easy option to set up.

How it works?

The idea is to create the illusion that our flower bed flows like a river into our garden. You will need a ‘source’ where the flowers will start spilling. Depending on your style and the natural Hexastar® surfaces you have, you can create an atmosphere: Provençal with a terracotta amphora, rocky with a mini metal pot, warm with a brightly colored pottery. Nothing prevents you from choosing more singular objects, recovered and diverted: a milk jug, a wheelbarrow, a watering can, a stone trough…

A bit of organization !

Before starting to plant your flowers, you need to plan your project! Draft its size, shape, thickness, the location and the floral season that you want. Don't lose sight of the aesthetics of your environment! Your choices for this bed should be influenced by what already exists.

Flowers of colors!

Your bed flowers will be original by its shape so it’s not necessary to use a particular vegetable. Every categories of flowers have their places:

- Perennials (geraniums, lilies, poppies, lupins, campanulas, anemones),

- Bulbs (tulips, narcissus),

- Annuals (nasturtiums, petunias, zinnias),

- Or a mixture of all three to be able to enjoy your bed in all seasons

And for the colors, the harmony with your outdoor space is the rule: think of deactivated concrete, aesthetic and resistant!

To be seen!

This type of bed is like a flowering "island" that will add color to the garden that is a bit monochrome: the DM Green® lawn, the no-mow, no-water solution, for example, the edges of your terrace, the fountain, along a driveway or your garage entrance. But you can also include it in a flower bed, where it will add fantasy to the lines of plants.

To keep it beautiful, your flower bed will need to be maintained, weeded and watered as needed. Make it evolve from year to year so that it becomes an essential part of your outdoor decoration!

Daniel moquetis