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How To Transplant A Tree: Step-by-Step

A garden lives and evolves.

When we are not expert, we are most likely to plant our tree in the wrong place. Even if we know how to do, we can also want to changes, because tastes evolve over time, because we want to shape a little corner of the landscape differently...

As spring is coming in the next few weeks, it will be the right timing to plant your tree or to give a better spot to some of them.  So, what are the precautions you need know to guaranty the transplantation.

Lifting and moving:

The idea is to keep as much of the root ball intact as possible. Begin digging roughly about the site of the tree or shrub. You can cut the roots that you find on your way with a sharp shovel but, make sure to make a clean cut. It’s possible to find deeper roots still connected to the soil. In this case, you might have to dig deeper.

Transfer the plant to a tarp:

If the tree or shrub is large you might find it hard to move it to the new location. You can use a strong tarp to make it easier. First you have to loosen the plant grip by slipping your shovel under it. Them move gently the tree to the tarp.

Move the plant to the new hole:

If you have followed the tips, drag the tarp to the new hole them gently slide it into it. Shovel a good quality soil into the hole. Finally, mound the soil in a ring around the plant. This will help keep the roots watered until the plant becomes established.

Daniel moquetis