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Green spaces and health!

Barcelona Institute for Global Health and the OMS did a study in seven different countries with more than 8 million subjects. Those researchers conducted analysis in order to establish evidence of the benefits of green spaces on people's health and longevity.  And that's what came out in the end: in many areas, green saves us!

Good surrounding for sport:

If sport is one of the most well-known factors of good health, is most likely more enjoyable to practice it within a green environment. Note that it also tends to favour active transportation (cycling, walking) to get to work.

Better self-resistance to disease:

Doctors highlights the benefits of walking in a forest: it has a positive impact on our immune system and boost the production of anti-cancer cells. Surrounded by nature will provide a better pregnancy outcome and a reduction in cardiovascular disease.

Less stressful:

Mixing vegetation within an urban area has a calming effect which promote a better thinking. The contact with nature, the simple vision of a vegetated space, acts positively on people with high stress levels.

Less polluted:

Within the cities, trees play a role of green filter by decreasing the concentration of air pollutants and carbon dioxide.
They also allow the reduction of heat islands: by providing shade, they cool the atmosphere, which reduces the effects of heat waves generated by global warming.
Even if there are disadvantages of the contact with nature: potential allergies, diseases… Overall, this analysis shows that "the more vegetation there is within 500 meters of a house, or within 10 minutes walking distance of a park, the fewer premature deaths are observed at a rate of 4% for each 0.1% increase in vegetation observed via the satellite image...".

So... Let's take a walk in the woods and plant plants to embellish our driveways, paths and patio and make our lives healthier!

Sources: Promojardin – étude « Green spaces and mortality: a systematic review and met-analysis of cohort studies. David Rojas-Rueda – Mark J Nieuwenhuijsen – Mireia Gascon – Daniela Perez-lEON – perpaolo Mudu.

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