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5 good ideas for an outdoor wireless lighting system:

In this article we suggest five good ideas for outdoor wireless lighting systems. We explain how outdoor wireless lighting can enhance the appearance and security of outdoor spaces, and offer tips on choosing the right lighting for specific areas, such as driveways, paths and walkways, patios, and gardens.

Idea 1: Hang up garden garlands with lights

On the edges of your resin terrace or to give a fancy look to your garden, adopt the outdoor light garlands. You can find them with a solar panel, USB key, or batteries. The size of the bulbs can change as well as the colours. Style ‘guinguette’, ‘romantic' it's up to you to choose how you want to light up your evenings.

Idea 2: Mobile lamps for all uses

Clever, innovative, wireless mobile lamps offer a considerable choice. Designers made them part of the decoration of your outdoor. Easy to move, on the table, on a corner of your terrace, on the edges of your slabbing path. They are mostly adjustable by remote control, run on rechargeable batteries and have different colours and intensity.

Idea 3: Install lamps with bluetooth garden speakers

In addition to a custom lighting, some of these lamps are also speakers working with Bluetooth technology. They can be connected to your computer, smartphone or tablet to play your favorite playlist, with a good quality sound. Thanks to these lamps/speakers, you can improvise musical and luminous evenings in the heart of your garden or at the edge of your Stardrain® terrace.

Idea 4: Light up your pathways with solar garden lamps

To light up a pathway, the solar-powered LED markers are ideal. Easy to place, as they are simply planted in the ground along the Hexastar® pathways or simply placed on the edge of a staircase or a terrace, they provide an economical lighting.

Solar energy or batteries, the choice of lighting system is wide and gives you the opportunity to create your own lighting composition in your garden. Moreover it allows you to move safely outdoors.

Daniel moquetis