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Our values

Daniel Moquet are the hard landscape contractors specialising in the realisation and installation of tranquil and practicable garden spaces that can be enjoyed year-round. Since 1977, our family roots and desire to make our customers happy has paved our journey of success. Our values are set in stone. They have made the business model scalable to ensure that every location can commit to delivering exceptional customer service, without fail. We set them out to create transparency between our customers and our teams of hard landscapers and driveway specialists, which is imperative to achieving complete satisfaction every single time.

Our values :

  • Competence: we possess and are continually seeking new innovative ways to produce quality hard landscaping projects that go above and beyond your expectations.
  • Enjoyment: the key to success is to enjoy what you do. Over the years, we've carefully handpicked a team of individuals in each location who live and breathe hard landscaping.
  • Respect: we place a great emphasis on respecting your budget, your environment and your vision.
  • Simplicity: to keep our services transparent with you from start to finish, we cut out the hard landscaping jargon and make smart decisions based on logic and with your needs in mind.

Every hard landscaping project we undertake is defined by our core values and commitment to satisfaction

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