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Design Porous asphalt: Nerostar, the best alternative to waterproof tarmac in Marple created on 29/04/2020

By MAKEPEACE LTD, the hard landscaping specialists


When Mr. and Mrs. M. received our leaflet in the post, they were instantly drawn to the pictures of smooth surfaces edged with blocks. They went online to visit our company website. They discovered that not only can Daniel Moquet Driveway Designer lay classic tarmac, but we also offer porous alternatives that are SuDS*-compliant: Stardraine and Nerostar. Manufactured in our plant and installed by Daniel Moquet since 1977, these two porous asphalts are the closest alternative to original tarmac with added-value properties: anti-slip, anti-moss, no cracking, no freeze-thaw effect, no dye…and a choice of colours!

Mr. and Mrs. M. wanted to know more about these innovative products, and how suitable they were for their driveway and paths. They booked a free appointment with one of our advisers via our Customer Care Line. Our Advisor spent about an hour with them at their house in Marple (Cheshire) discussing the project, assessing the works and finding the best design and solution to match Mr. and Mrs. M.’s dream surfacing: hardwearing, durable, smooth, aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and good value-for-money.

Once the solution was agreed, we shook hands on the contract, prepared using our fair price-per-square-metre price list. Our black porous asphalt Nerostar was the surface of choice, edged with our exclusive Couture Paving edgings and kerbs. A date was put in the diary for the start of the build, and instructions on how to prepare for the works were left with Mr. and Mrs. M to help them plan ahead.

On D-Day, our own team of skilled landscaping technicians started excavating and disposing of the rubble of concrete, slabs, soil and stones. They placed a geotextile membrane on the newly-exposed sub-grade and then filled the whole driveway and path with crushed stones and sand (MOT Type 1 and 2). Once the area was thoroughly compacted, our masonry specialists installed the kerbs and edgings using concrete bedding and haunching. The porous asphalt could then be laid, and it took our finishing team less than a day before Mr. and Mrs. M. could see the works completed, to the highest standards.

Daniel Moquet Driveway Designer thank them both for the trust they put in us and wish them all the best!

*Sustainable Urban Drainage System

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